The Source

In a spiritual talk or different religions we heard the concept of “The Source.” However, what is the source? How does it manifest and interact with each soul? Do we need a unique ability to connect? Every one of us has asked all these questions when we have started the journey of spiritual life. We have imagined our own answers, but in time with better understanding, the answers will change getting us closer to the truth. So, what kind of ability do we need to be able to connect with the source? As I said, at the beginning of our journey we may believe that not everyone could connect. We have seen enlightened people during our history, and we have known they were special. We have heard the story of Jesus or Buddha, and the only special abilities they have is that they would not believe otherwise. They open their minds and have no doubt of the truth and God. Is it hard to do so? Well, in relative terms is hard because not too many of us have done it. However, in our reality, we can open our minds and believe that what we thought was impossible. The enlightened beings did not want to prove their special abilities but to make us understand we all can do it. We connect to the source by design and if we hear otherwise is because such people do not want us to know this little secret or they are entirely closed themselves and believed that such connection or the source itself does not exist.
How do we connect with the source? We connect through quietness. Every thought must be shut down because we need to remove all the interferences that take us away from radio God. When we learn to listen to silence, we get all the information needed at that specific time. The glimpse of knowledge is all that we need to shape our path. There are many techniques to achieve that peace but most common these days is meditation. Through meditation, we learn to listen more than talking to others and ourselves. We may be surprised to get answers and guidance by merely being quiet in and out. Source has already been there we just did not want to listen to it.