How Can We Activate Our Self-Healing Abilities?

What are our abilities? We have arrived into this world with a set of preloaded functions, and during this life, we can get even more. We have only one problem. We forget them very fast, and we start believing another reality that is pushed onto us. Remember our lives as children? We were all curious about everything. That was the time when we were trying to figure out ourselves. Unfortunately, we have created here on Earth a system call schooling that little by little is removing that curiosity. We, the children of God, became the rigid machines that compete with each other and base our abilities on whatever is being told to us. We are growing up and doing to our children the same that our parents have done to us. Scores and grades are more important than our abilities and later getting a job that makes money is becoming the number one goal in life.

How can we go back to the start? Can we reset ourselves and become once again the pure state of God’s consciousness? We can do it but have to remember God and to be willing to get out of this matrix. We must unlearn the mechanical knowledge. We must unlearn and not forget which is a process of breaking out of the belief system. Once that is done, we can return to our purpose and remember our abilities. When we do so, we remember why we are for. The work that we do would be a pleasure and not a necessity. That is how we feel when we get to the point of the beginning. Others should not tell our goals because we know them. That goal comes from within, and our intuition will kick in telling us we are beautiful beings of God and we must do and act as God does.

Once those mentioned above are achieved, we can move forward with our lives. We may remember our abilities in many areas and domains but more than that we remember our self-abilities and one of the most of all we remember to turn within. Our reality is becoming once again more self-conscious, and through different techniques, like meditation, we can free our soul and use our mind. We stop being afraid and that is what we call a real awakening. Everything else that bothers us like depression, fear, anger are left behind, and we can activate our self-healing abilities because almost every single disease is a disease of the mind. Many of us have been doing, and we do not say it is easy but is doable. We are all the same. We all can do it if we are willing to recover our self-abilities and remember who we are.