State of Mind. People’s Awakening.

Dear Readers

I have to apologize for taking a break from writing. I have been traveling, and I had limited access to the internet. However, I am back, and I would like to share a few impressions. I have always enjoyed watching people and analyze their state of mind because I would like all of us to become enlightened and live in a new era of peace and love. The more we look at people, the more we realize that is not an easy task for all of us to awake. We can safely say that is not entirely our fault. There are a few categories of people from the lifestyle perspective. The one we consider poor but living in an environment mixed with rich. This category is the most difficult one for most of us because we are looking to our lives from the material perspective only and inevitable the jealousy, the frustration and the anger jump in all at once. How come our neighbors are so wealthy? We want to become them, and we try everything, including stepping on others to achieve our goals. Doing so we move far away from our awakening, and we forget the good in us. Life is becoming difficult even a nightmare, and we see nothing good in our future.
When we, as such poor souls live in an environment where there are not materialistic interest, people live better and in harmony. Many of us look at one another with compassion, and a community may be born. That is the happy case when spirituality becomes part of life and awakening may happen in many of us.
Let us move to a different category of people, the riches. In that state of mind, we look for more and more from the materialistic perspective, and we are always unhappy. We get more, believe that will bring happiness, and then we realize that is not enough. Some of us may question ourselves and come to a greater understanding that moves us to a great awakening, but unfortunately, the number is also small.
How about the people who have a decent life but they are not rich not poor, the middle class as we used to call them? Well, this category may give the most of the awakening people because we do not have to worry about tomorrow. However, even in this case temptation may play a significant role. We may move to the category mentioned before, the one we can call “The More” category. The more we have, the more we want.
Overall the state of mind is playing the role of the judge that tries to enslave the soul. To awake we must leave the soul free, and we can do it. Only then we will achieve awakening and happy life. I wish that will happen with more and more people so we can move to a new age that we all have wished for.