Five Hundred Posts.

Dear readers,

I am happy and excited to announce that yesterday it was the post with the number five hundred. Five hundred post and almost two hundred followers. I have started this blog last year, October end and I am happy with the outcome so far. There were many articles, quotes, and books or movies recommendations that I hope have touched your heart. It is a great feeling and satisfaction to write and let the people connect with me through my articles. However, my scope is not only to connect but to help as many as we can with the awakening process and to help ourselves, all of us to create a new society based on love, trust, and peace. This dream I have is not mine, as long as all the ideas promoted here. Everything that I have written is the word of God. It is the truth before times. Once awaken we cannot go back because there is no back. It is the experience and the progress of our souls. Every time we move forward even when we believe we move back. If not all the time we move in the right direction is a different story.

I hope more people will come here to read and the ideas from this blog would open new ways of thinking and new ways of life. I am not a hypocrite. Those articles are helping me as well in a tremendous way. I have received information and I have written it down. This way it is not wasted and it has helped me to understand better what do I have to do in the future. I will not stop and I will continue my dream, the dream of a greater consciousness that we can create and maintain. It is after all the dream of humanity and I have no doubt we can do it together, otherwise, I would have stopped maintaining this website.

Please spread the word. This way our consciousness will be expanding exponentially to achieve that beautiful dream.

Thank you again for visiting here.

Love and Peace