The Guilt

Today we are going to talk about guilt. What is it and how its energy is affecting us? The blame is not a stranger to any of us. We all make mistakes, and as a result, we have to live with our sin. One of the worst things is that through our belief system we are made to believe that we are at fault many times only based on predefined rules. Especially the church is telling us what is sin and what it is not, and the belief becomes so strong that we perceive everything as wrong, from eating meat on Fridays to missing the mass on Sundays. What do we do next? We feel the guilt, and we become anxious and afraid. The church methodology is one, and we may overcome the belief system of others but how about our own mistakes in the daily life? We may misbehave with many people including the people we love. We make others afraid of us, or simply we are selfish. At the end of the day, we feel that negative energy that accumulates in us, and somehow we have to remove it. The only way that our consciousness stays strong and healthy is to correct our mistakes. In regards to the wrong that we do to others, it is only one way to fix it: forgiveness. We must forgive and be forgiven, and that energy will compensate for the mistake we have done. Unfortunately, people are becoming more and more egocentric these days, and the proud which is a tool of the ego keeps us from asking for forgiveness. How can I say I am sorry to my child or to someone at work which is lower in rank than myself? Still, the negative energy is still there, and we have to do something. What do we do? We create an inside mechanism through our mind that convinces ourselves that we have no fault. As long as that this instrument of the mind fix the immediate problem is not helping in the long term. Our souls have to suffer whenever we lie to ourselves, and more and more negative energy is built up. Is it so difficult to say we made a mistake? Trying it out, we may realize that when we are admitting our mistakes, we initiate the process of releasing the negative energy. And it feels terrific. It is true, the society works against us from that perspective, but when we live with the truth, we care less about what and how the community and its member are judging us. Everything is good and let’s say we work it out and manage to stay pure and truthful. What now with the mistakes that we have made in the past? How do we fix that/ We may still feel guilty. We have talked about forgiveness. Well, we have to forgive ourselves if there is no other way to fix what we have done. When we pray to God for forgiveness, we end up forgiving ourselves, and that is the beauty of God. When we ask for forgiveness from the bottom of our hearts, we realize that God forgives everyone. We only have to ask.
We must stop living with guilt, hidden or not because that energy is harmful and will bring nothing good in us. Anyone can live guilt free following self-wisdom and self-conscious thoughts. Once again we must return to our true origins and live with the truth, that is all.