Why do we need to live in harmony? The answer is straightforward. When we live in harmony with our body and the universe around, we are happy. We have that great feeling of fulfillment. We look around, and it is difficult not to notice that nature create harmony even from chaos. Nature does not take sides but balances out itself and often we see that the energy of the harmonious place is beneficial. Have you ever been in a place where you just feel nice? Why don’t we like messy places? We are meant to be living in harmony. It is not a secret that peace and harmony are what we are looking for and is also what we have born with.

On the other hand why some of us really create chaos and misery? Sometimes we lost the direction and we do not know nor remember our place. We just want to get advantage of any situation, make more money or acquire more goods. In the way, we do not care any longer for others, and we create a considerable amount of unbalance. The results are costing us greatly. We get out of sync with nature, universe, and God. As a matter of fact, we forget God entirely, and we focus our energy exclusively on the physical world and not in a right way. We do not care anymore about maintaining equilibrium and become selfish little creatures. Would not hurt from time to time to return to our senses and bring back harmony, love and peace.
Harmony is that divine energy that facilitates greatness to happen. Let’s embrace it and nurture it, and we will find what we are looking for, health, happiness and the lost spirit of our souls.