Is Debate Another Form of Fighting?

People love debates, either political or any other nature. Why do we love them? What is so special that we feel attracted to them? It is again our predefined environment and belief system. We are set in this society to believe in competition and see one is winning over another. We love watching anything that is ending with a winner and a loser, and the loser respectfully put his head down and leave. Every debate is nothing but another fight, that is what debates are. We have promoted that for so long that we cannot live without it. Can we stop this behavior? We can if we want to. The hard part is to get to the point of understanding this abomination of our thoughts. That is because we fight even through our imagination. We imagine how we are going to win over others in every situation from an interview to a sports game or again a debate.

I have always remembered the feeling of playing as kids or later as young people, and at the end of the game, we gathered together going for ice cream or a drink. There was no feeling of superiority whatsoever. It was a fun game that we had enjoyed. It is not we would not want to win and play the best, but we did not enjoy the destination, but the journey as someone said. That is the beauty of life.

One may say that without competition would be no progress, but that is not accurate. Imagine what great people can do together without competing. Competition is doing nothing else but dividing our consciousness and limiting our potential collective creation. Moreover, it does it for one purpose only: to make others profit and control.

I can give you an example of what a great team can do from passion and not for always thinking of the money that may come. When I was a child, living in a communist country, there was a soccer team that did amazing things in a European league. They did not get much out of it, but they did what they did out of passion and the love of the sport. That should be in a healthy society. When is no competition people would do amazing things out of passion and love?

Imagine that we do not have to struggle for food and shelter and paying bills and taxes. Many of us would follow their own passion which can be science, literature, art, music spirituality or anything that will contribute to a new society. Honestly, we found more enlightening to discover and create something new than being better than others. That is how the great inventions were created. When money is becoming a subject of the funding, automatically everything become an obstacle. We could see it through history with Tesla and other amazing people. Imagine what can be done if we would not have such a limitation.

Coming back to our subject, would we start the debate next time when we would have the chance to prove we are better or someone is wrong? It is up to every one of us but harder every day since we are even taught to debate and become lawyers and politicians. However, I have no doubt we cannot achieve higher planes of our consciousness.


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