We think the world we live in is not right and naturally, we want to change it. We want to live in peace and harmony. We want to be able to progress without living in a harsh world. As a matter of fact, we cannot progress living in such world. We need a world that many of us like to call utopia, something that cannot be achieved. Utopia is defined as an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. That perfection should not come from rules and fear. That is the problem that we face today. We are looking at things from a predefined perspective. We must learn to unlearn and question our belief system. Everything that was built from the previous generation it may be not a proper ground for a utopic society. We have created countries and languages that do nothing but divide the humanity. We have money and the idea that we have as much as we can and there is never enough. We keep secrets and lie continuously in the name of politics. All of those mentioned above must be corrected. And again not by rules and laws that we promote daily. We must be honest and humble. We must love and serve each other. Those simple conditions which we have already come with here on Earth are sufficient to create the perfect society that we would love to live in. Many have commented saying that there will be no challenge and people will get bored. That is again the thinking of competing individual. Always we have challenges, but we must look at them removing the competition. We talk about teamwork in our current society, but we have always learned to compete to each other.
Moreover, that has happened from an early age, from the time we have starting school or even early. We have been thought to be number one in everything. That number one is always creating an unhealthy competing world.

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