Feminism Becomes a Distorted Concept

More and more women and young women are being tricked into the strange fight, a fight for equality. The thing is that the concept of feminism is used intensively by women in power who want to take advantage of a fake situation. We should always show everyone respect and any category should not make an exception. If there are cases of discrimination of any type we should not jump to conclusion. We all men we have mothers, wives or daughters. Why would we want to discriminate? That is a ridiculous concept and we have to say most of the time is not happening. In any job, if we are not positioning ourselves to show our worth we will be minimized and that is happening to everyone men or women. We see that women have amazing abilities same as men and as long they realize what they are able to do they will bring the confidence that will break the pattern.
But when seeing women marching on the street asking for women to be equal to men they already made a mistake. In my humble opinion, they are already making themselves different from men. We must come to a greater understanding that we are all the same disregarding sex or race. Every one of us came here on Earth to bring something unique into this reality and from that perspective, no one is better nor different.
Then what it is going wrong here? The main issue is related to the society but of course, the society is what we have created. We promote prostitution and inadequate movies and we that is very clear we promote the superiority of men. However, women are at fault as well. If they would not accept the situation, they will be there in the first place.
We must stop promoting all these “isms” because only then we will know that we are equal and no one deserves more than another. It is only the collective consciousness that can fix the problem. We must awake and remember that we are all one and God loves us all the same.