Low Energy

Many of us refuse, to see the light. Instead of attaching to it and realizing we are it, we get into lower energies, and the worse is that when it happens, we want to drag more people with us. Now the question is why we should accept it? When we put it this way, many would say they do not allow to get into lower vibrations, but we can be more specific and realize that we actually do it without questioning. Recently we hard at a tennis event about a lady that got really angry and start messing around. What we have done? Instead of detaching and disapprove we begin creating scenarios of how she is right, and we become, angry ourselves. We cannot be happy for anyone since we have been attaching and synchronize our energy to that angry individual. As long as the media is trying to milk out the situation and make more money out of it, we gladly accept to be part of this game. But after all, we do nothing but lower our energy and get angry either way, even we are agreeing, or we are opposed to the situation we start the debate which is what will bring our energy down. We must understand that we should stand for our belief and if we are the light than we have to be the light. We have to find power and understanding and feel sorry for people who are manifesting anger and fear, but we should never go back to that. That is the realization of enlightenment.

What should we do when we find people who want to manifest their anger and suck the energy out of us? We have to ignore and eventually remove them from any engagement. When we realize people do not resonate with us, we just let them go. We must go back to Jesus and see that he was accepting the situation and did not try to change the negative people. He would stand for what is right and let the people who do not accept him to follow their course. That is what we should do.

Once again we can live fear free and when we do so there will be no event like the one mentioned above changing our course of action.