Past Life Regression Science

What is science? Science is supposed to be knowledge of knowing. Every science is starting from a basic interpreted knowledge, and then it built up through extrapolation, and as long it is matching our immediate reality is excellent. Now talking about past life regression we are in the dark and so-called science cannot explain it because the necessary knowledge is missing. We are not aware yet of how the invisible energy is working when we are dreaming or thinking or send information telepathically to another person. So, to say we can explain past life regression is the same as to say we know how to build a sun. That does not mean the sun is not there and functioning for our delight. What we can do we can experience hypnosis and past life regression and come back with knowledge. And I can assure everyone it is terrific information and a great experience through feelings and even more than that. Some of the emotions we can explore are not even earthly. The bottom line is that we are not at the level of explaining hypnosis because we use the five senses to describe everything, but through regression, we use a different one or better said we use many more. Science has to change its course to understand past life regression. We must acquire the understanding of various senses that we believe, or we are made to think that do not exist. However, sooner or later they will be part of the great awakening where we will remember such senses. Until then we always can try a past life regression hypnosis that may be really beneficial for our growth and understanding. I can assure that is nothing to be worried or scared about. That is only the propaganda that we see on TV or in movies. Almost like someone tries to tell us: “This is scary and wrong, do not do it.” We have to try it even that we get disapproval from science and religion as well. Using God’s common sense we know it already that everything that was given to us is not right or wrong. It is a tool that we can use for the good or evil. We are the ones making one way or another.