Expanding Your Horizons

Do not die a student, die a teacher.

Yogi Bhajan

We have always wanted to know more about anything. We have been born with a curiosity that was part of our plans. As children, we have always craved for discoveries, and anything new was amazing. What happened later in life? Where and where was that moment that made us being adults and not kids anymore? We have been traded our happiness and hunger of knowledge for the material world. Many stayed kids and never stopped being curious and they have excelled in everything they have done, but we have to say it is not enough. It is a time in life when we have to look around and realize we are not alone. We have progressed to higher knowledge, either spiritual or physical and that knowledge has been passed from others. Those have understood that we must become the teachers and everything that we have acknowledged, discovered or remembered must be conveyed to the next generations of humans. We have been thought by God to do so and not to have secrets because God does not keep secrets. Everything is laid out in front of us to be discovered, and we are the ones who take advantage of everything.

However, there is only one way of evolving, and that is not keeping secrets but share everything we know to the world. So, we must become the teachers and play the role of the knowledge transfer at least if we could not contribute to that expansion of our horizons. And, we must be good teachers, the teachers of light because we are all the messengers of God. That is the only way that the human adventure will not end prematurely.

Please look at this video, one of my favorite teachers.