As humans, we know infinity, but we cannot comprehend it. That is the limitation that we have agreed upon when we have descended to Earth. All our lives we do nothing but trying to realize how infinite we are, same as the universe and ultimately God.

What is infinity? We have asked the question a million of times and sill we do not know the answer. We have started saying that the Universe is finite, but then what is beyond its borders? The scientists may say nothing, but what is nothing? Is not the Universe itself born from nothingness? Are we born from nothingness? That “nothing” we conveniently say keeps no knowledge, but when we meditate, we get so much from nothingness. We get the feeling of God being here and in that emptiness of space and time that we did not understand.

We are eager to understand infinity, and that is what is driving us every day in this life on Earth. We must find answer, and that will help us progress, discover and connect with the source. It is nothing wrong to forget infinity when we came here, but it is not right to limit ourselves. We are infinite beings, and we should not listen to anyone saying otherwise. We have been limited for thousands of years even more, and in the present, we created so many institutions that stop or trying to stop us from our beautiful journey, from government higher institutions to schools or churches. We are doing it to ourselves, and we must change our ways. Creativity and ability must be driving us and not standards because even we are all the same we are also unique in this word. Our uniqueness can create the great world that we are dreaming about. Let’s teach our children that and stop limiting them if we are not strong enough to return ourselves to infinity. How can we do that since others are teaching our kids in schools? Well, we must make time for them. We must have stronger and more meaningful teaching and what can be more potent than teachings of God? We must teach our kids love, compassion, and acceptance along with other common sense rules. Moreover, the most important rule is to stop being afraid. That rule we have to apply first to ourselves and then we master it we easily can teach others including children and adults as well.