Male versus Female

Our society and the global society is making a massive case of males versus female, and we are the ones falling for it. More and more we see in social media everyday women and men posting nasty or inappropriate comments or pictures about the opposite sex. What are we actually doing? We agree with the people who try to divide us. The latest gag is this nonsense of battle of sexes. When doing so, we prove that we are unplugged from the system but worse we become fighters of maintaining that system. Why is so difficult to understand that, yes we are different, but that is a great thing? Through male-female, good-bad, black-white we can understand the duality of this world and make the greatest experience out of it. We can complete and balance each other, and the greatest of us will be born.

As a matter of fact what if the angriest people in the battle of the sexes were opposite in another life. Anger and frustration is not balance out, and bad Karma would be created. The logical way of bringing this energy to zero at least if not positive is to come in another life opposing what we have pushed so hard in the previous one. It is not hard to understand that we have been and are tricked by people who want to control us. It is common sense at any point when we fight each other we are serving others’ interest. Any energy that we create is being used by others or is being directed back to us.

I have posted a comment once about a video with a lady talking about women’s depression where everything was a female word. We may call it a female video for the female audience. I tried to explain that is sad to see that kind of behavior. I have told by the owner of the video to take my ego and go out on the back door. In the same situation confronting a man he will do even worse. The paradox is that we do not understand the human being even that we are humans. Returning to our senses will be the only way to bring peace and remember that we have Heaven on Earth. It is logical and straightforward. If it is hard to remember, we only have to think about our source. God created males and females, and if we cannot find the logic in that, at least we can trust God. Let’s stop the fight and the induced superiority complex of one gender or race over another. Everything is making sense when we understand that any of us may have something that others do not have. Embrace that complement and evolve!