The Sense Of Humor.

Why had God gifted us with the sense of humor? I can start my story by talking about my life in Romania during communist times. If there would have not been the sense of humor life would have been very difficult. We have leaned to make jokes in the most unpleasant situations. However, the same applies to everything in life. At some point, we consider life difficult, and if there is no smile or laughter, we may go crazy. Many of us forgot how to laugh and enjoy this miracle which is life on Earth. For those, life is a nightmare, and we move further with no sense or purpose, and that is the most tragic event that may occur.
Now one may ask if the sense of humor is something that we come with or we can develop. Well, it is clear that some of us have chosen to have a cheerful personality or maybe it is something we have evolved through many lives. Either way, we can enhance life and elevate it to the rank of a joyful adventure. We only have to remember that life is beautiful and does not matter how long we danced with it. The dance of life represents the energy that we want to bring in, which could be positive or negative. We have noticed most of the time that the content and happy people are the people who think in positive ways. For instance, someone is not coming to work today. What is the first thought entering our minds? That person took a day off to take his family to the beach or oh, poor guy he must be sick. One thinking or another is the one dictating if we live with joy or sadness.
The same applies to read a message. The message could be benign, but the way we are reading it can transform the word from simple communication to the messaging of anger or jealousy. Did we ever read a message when we are upset and said “This guy is an idiot,” or when we are calm and peaceful and for the same message we say “This is really funny.” Our perceptions shape our realities, and it is only up to us to create heaven or hell. I have said it so many times by now that the reader must acknowledge it.
Let’s try to be funny and enjoy life and then life will treat us with joy, respect, and love.