We learn from the early age to obey. First our parents and later the society through the well-known mechanisms of schools, churches or government institutions. How did we grow up with this fear, because after all, obedience is the little brother of fear? Well, many of us are still tight to the belief system so severely that we do to our children that it was or it is done to us. We still believe that our children should obey and be afraid of us and that practice becomes number one rule in our families. Looking just a little bit deeper into this issue without predefined mentalities we can quickly realize that obedience is not the way to progress. Through compliance, we are promoting most of the time a corrupted mechanism, and many of the unfair laws and rules are ruining our liberty. Without questioning our leaders and their ways, we become part of the wrong transmitted from generation to generation. Without rebels, we would have been living as slaves for instance. As long as the direct enslavement has been removed, we now have to abolish the hidden slavery because many laws are still in favor of the elite. It is amusing that if we look up some obedience quotes, we are being encouraged to accept and embrace the authority, and the message is clear: we must obey. However, we can use the God’s judgment. Evil rules and laws must be questioned, and by following them, we are all at fault. That is how we accepted and executed many atrocities during our short history (view all the wars without exception). Let’s make it clear. We should not rebel to everything because many of the rules have a good reason to exist, but many of the wrongs must be questioned and reviewed. We must keep that idea in mind at all time.
I would like to end with a lovely, meaningful quote by Henry David Thoreau. “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”

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  1. I too experience life as you speak. Fortunately my parents were dominated by their parents so they taught us kids all 4 to be Independent, but Responsible. That is a long story and each of us kids had a different Vibration in Nature for sure.

    That being said. I see America not supporting Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for each and all humans. Denying Independence and Sovereign Nations to the Middle East and 3rd World. I see America today as the MOTHER COUNTRY of Britain. Mass Following of Loyalist to the British Empire. Not America. Our idols of a Flag, Song Anthem and Standing Blindly ring more to the UNION JACK, God Save the Queen and ownership of Resource and Salute our OWN -Jesus Christ Matthew 5:45-48.

    Seems CAVEMAN has not only trades stick for Drones we have create Drones out of the FREE MIND forcing or love of Blind Following of Loyalty. Not Patriotism of our Revolutionary WAR or Civil War at ALL.

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