Uncle Nino (2003)

According to imdb.com: Uncle Nino was such a cute storyline and just a warm, fun, family movie.

When they played their first premiere, in Grand Rapids, MI, I went to the movie and the dinner/meet the cast afterword, and they were all so nice! It was so much fun to sit down and talk to the actors. Oh, and Trevor Morgan is absolutely beautiful as well..

The storyline is so easy to relate to. You are drawn in by the characters and feel their emotions. The casting is great as well. I went and saw in while in was in Grand Rapids over 10 times, and almost cried every time. I HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who wants a warm, happy, meaningful movie.

I would have to add that this movie is a calling to return to the roots and the happiness the way was provided to us and not the way we have been changed it through our society. There is no happiness in following the corporate path of thinking and following the hierarchy and rules.