The Anger Within

Many times we have asked the question why people are so mean. However, we may look a little bit deeper to ourselves. For instance, when reading a message, we may do it in many ways. We may read it in our minds with an angry thought, impartial, funny or many other ways. That is the main reason we human beings may like or dislike a person because we made up our minds way before reading that message. As we could see, we are the ones influencing our behavior and creating the anger within. I can assure everyone that most of the time we become lost in translation so to speak. We have translating people words into emotions and based on our positivism or negativity we can create the reality. That is the reason words are the most trickier way of communication. How else can we communicate? One may say telepathically, but for most of us, that looks like fantasy. The immediate mean of communicating is through inner-feelings. We may call it intuition or gut feeling, but that does not matter. When we trust it, we are much better communicators. Since we have stopped using that way of communication we have to go back on track and exercise in order to regain that ability.
Moreover, the harder part is to trust such ability. Just for fun, next time when we have a gut feeling, let’s go for it. We may be stunned to see how beautiful life can be.
However, we are complex beings, and our mind can easily interfere. How do we know the ego is playing with us? It is pretty simple. When fear manifest, we must be sure that is not our intuition but is the mind and its creation, Mr. ego taking control. One fact is undeniable: fear does not play any part in our intuition. Our inner-feelings are manifesting only out of love and not fear. We must trust them and only then will be sure we are God’s messengers.


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  1. It appear many ignore Objective Observation of Nature (science) nothing special man discovers what he did not know what existed before he new it already existed.

    My dad at 13 in 1933 tore apart the Steam Tractor and fixed it so the Valley’s Harvest could be completed. That was objective observation and working within Nature. Kind of like the science of the Steam Tractor itself. Classic Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Chemistry, etc.

    My dad did not go to church, talk church or politics. He was more righteous in his behavior than any I know. Many asking me to follow them. My dad ask no one to follow him. Like treat your mother and neighbor with respect. But don’t let anyone disrespect you by their BEHAVIOR.

    I saw him beat my Lab to death with a Hammer. Dad had told me to get out and walk Jo Jo home. He was running around the Truck my brother was hauling the wood we had cut all day. When Jo Jo got his back busted. It was not Jo Jo, my dad, brothers fault.

    It was mine. DAD always taught me be Independent, but responsible. If I had a regret it was I did not spend enough time in his last years with him. Not saying other siblings did that at all or learned that. Most just used him. Each different. So in summary why do I think everyone strives for perfection. I can tell you I was not responsible for another Jo Jo. I have had many dogs. Rots, Lab, Shelties, Dachshunds, Bernese, Weimaraner, and the list goes on. I did not blame others for MY MISTAKES. Which was get away from most of them. Guess you can call me an idealist or Trust everyone. Till I know better.

    I still remember playing foot ball with Jo Jo to this day and that JOY. Not anger.

    Like when my son Pass to Soar into Heaven. No Anger. Just the JOY of the life I was fortunate to have shared. I had heart failure, been fired, lost all I have had and stared over with no Anger. I do get disappointed when a friend steals all I have in their absence. When I meet them again and nothing changes. Except my sadness of their LOSS still.

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