How About Hate for a Trick?

Dear fellow humans,
We have a new achievement for this Halloween. It is not “trick and treats” but “trick and hates.” We have seen a tremendous increase in an absurd fight between sexes. Battle of sexes went far beyond our imagination and we blindly debate who is better: men or women. And we are worked up so much that we have no limits. We are talking nonsense from both sides, and we come up with so many arguments that would be difficult not to believe ourselves. Women are talking more and more about equality, abuse, and feminism while men are shouting that women cannot do what men do. The result it is coming in a mix of hate and anger that have only one winner: the evil. What is evil? The darkness is precisely that energy that we generate and let out when we align ourselves with the negative power mentioned above. In our craziness, we stopped thinking straight and let only the ego to manifest. If we do not act wisely, we as humans are doomed.
But let’s step back and look at how this has become the standard way of life. How are all these ideas being pushed into our heads? And more than that who will benefit from this chaos? Again, simple questions with simple answers. We are continually being blinded by the people who try to control and manipulate us. Growing in fear and hate we forget who is responsible for the situation that we are in and we start fighting each other. The ones on top have nothing to worry about now because we have already forgotten what the real problems are. This scenario was put in motion for a long time now. We have been through many experiments as socialism, capitalism, communism and now feminism, racism and many other artificial created problems that will keep us busy and ignorant. Fellow humans, please come back to your senses and God. There are differences between men and women at the physical and mental level, but at the consciousness level, we are all the same. We are all creations of God, and we will return to God. The experience accumulated here on Earth as women or men is merely an experience that we have to learn from and not a reason to fight. Men and women are the alpha and omega, the yin and yang, the duality that meant to create a harmonious balance and helps us to evolve. There is no positive or negative in either man or woman because we are all holding both energies and we have the choice of acting upon one or another.
How can we stop this madness? I have mentioned before that we cannot fight evil, because the fight is evil’s creation. We must promote love and compassion, and that must start with ourselves. There is no way to change others but change our own ways. That is the way to rebuild the balance and move on the right path. God has been giving us the free will, and we should not expect any intervention from a supernatural entity. We are God’s manifestation and together we can change and create the world as the Heaven. One reminder for all of us: “Hate is hell and love is Heaven,” that is the true meaning.