Fulfillment: A spiritual journey through life

Hello everyone

I am pleased and excited to announce that I have finished and published my first book. “Fulfillment” is a spiritual journey through life the way I saw it as per the vision I was given. I hope everyone who will read this book will find something that will bring peace and meaning in his or her life.

All that is in this book is a vision of God. When we write or create in general, we may say that we have an idea, but it is not necessarily our vision. God holds the most magnificent library of all, the infinite. Here on Earth when we invent or write a book or a play, we only access an infinitesimal part of that library. This book does not make an exception. We must remember and agree with the love of God, and then we are granted access. We have always had access to the source, but we refuse to connect. It is time for everyone to realize that we can establish and uphold the “God connection.”

A book for your soul

We have a feeling that something is missing. We look back, we look forward, and we cannot say what it is, but we know we must find something that will bring us peace. Many of us are engaging in a journey that we can compare with “The Golden Rush.” We do not look for gold, we look for happiness, but soon we realize that happiness is not something that we can find but instead we can achieve. What is it? What we are looking for is called fulfillment, a journey through a spiritual life.

Thank you for reading my blog and giving me the motivation to share the word of the truth.

Love and peace

ICA (Mihail)

For more info please visit “Fulfillment web site presentation” or check out the amazon page bellow.


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