Global Warming

I have been carefully listening to this gentleman called Ivar Giaever over the Internet talking about global warming but like the old saying “Listen to everyone but do not get out of your mind.” He was a Nobel Prize sharing winner in physics in 1973. He kept saying that global warming does not exist or at least not because of CO2 emission. Himself stated that he is not a specialist in that domain. Then how does he know is not because of CO2 emission? Well, he does not. The thing is he shows up some charts saying that the average temperature increased by 0.8 F in more than a hundred years. Also, he said this is not relevant nor accurate. The thing is before science we have to use common sense. He defines, at the beginning of his video, the real science but honestly, it is no such thing because all the science is not real. It is based on observation and empirical theories that we are trying to prove right. Well, common sense is telling me that the place I grew up used to be very cold in the winter with a lot of snow, no more than 30-40 years ago, and now winter is really mild, and snow is becoming extinct. Maybe changes are not caused by CO2 emission, but that emission is not a natural process in the whole ecosystem. We cannot do stupid things indefinitely and pretend everything is fine. Playing with the earth, extracting oil and burn it is a hideous process similar to taking out parts of organs of our bodies and feed the fish. We do not die, and the pain we have it is not guaranteed is coming from that process. You know, it could be something else! We must stop doing crazy things and hoping or trying to prove we are not at fault. That is the conclusion. Burning gas and oil is not a good thing because there is no process in nature doing so, and as I said it is not natural and in harmony with the planet. Politics or no politics we must be in harmony to save ourselves. The regular media do not present all the problems created by only extracting oil. Few know what kind of ecosystem destruction is brought to such area. I have seen oil pumps, and everything around is dead.
Moreover, is not just that. The destruction goes beyond our imagination. Currently, companies are extracting oil drilling under water, and the technology is extremely primitive. If anything wrong happens, there is no way we can control the outcome. What do we do? We make sure the public will not find about it. For instance, it is an oil spill going on for 14 years now, and most of us did not even know about it. See the article “A 14-year-long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico verges on becoming one of the worst in U.S. history.” That incident is only one episode but how many are there without us knowing? We keep destroying the planet just to make money, but we have to realize sooner than later that a piece of paper is not food and soon we may need food more than money.