Everything we understand is about perception. Through perception, we create a different reality and altogether a different experience. Imagine how do I see the world and how everybody else sees it. Alternatively, we should try to visualize how an ant sees the world or a fish for instance. Every single one of us may see whatever he or she wants to see and block unwanted facts. Through perceptions, we create a relative world and a belief system. However, we do not stop there; we use others perceptions to create realities. That is the worst of relativity that got us. It is becoming a way to be controlled without even realizing it.
For instance, we may believe that there are no aliens. Some of us took pictures, videos, and still, even we see them we automatically say “it is a trick or an illusion,” because others have been pushed so hard onto us that it has become a strong belief system. The same is happening with religions, or governments as well. Reality after reality is created through the mechanism of relativity, which by the way is an excellent mechanism for helping us to perceive the world, and we are already dominated and controlled by the rules of others. Once again we must try to create our own realities. We can unlearn and remove every perception about the world and start from scratch. It is nothing wrong with that. How can we do it one may ask? We must ask questions. The best way to find the truth is to ask questions and try to solve them ourselves. It is becoming so convenient to let others ask their own questions, and worse let them answer for us that we stay in a dormant state of what we call sleepwalking. We can awake, and it is a fact proven by so many of us. We are all enlightened, we have just forgotten, and every enlightened being walking on this earth have to try to perform one single task: to make us remember. That is all we have to do. We can quickly achieve that step through meditation, yoga or any technique that let us connect to the source. It is time brothers and sisters. Get up and step out of the long bewitched dream which has become a nightmare.