The Seed

There are no bad people only people with bad behaviors. We may be wondering if we can change someone’s behavior. Well, we cannot. Any speech or ideology should not be pushed to anyone until he or she is brainwashed. In doing so, the behavior may just be replaced with another fake one. The only time when we can find ourselves is when we are willing to do so. And that willingness must come from within. One may think those are only words, and it cannot be done, but that is not true. It has been proven by many of us from the oldest times. People no matter what, will find the ultimate truth and the right path to walk on getting to what we call enlightenment. And when I am saying the right track, I am referring to the unique way that brings us the inner-peace and inner-happiness. One great thing is that we always can help. We may become the little gear that moves the whole machine after all. How can we do that? It is simple: we have to plant a seed. A beautiful, healthy seed will always find a fertile ground to grow and expand one’s consciousness. We may have been taught that is not a good idea to do so, but that is up to us. We may be actually part of others’ plans when we have signed the existential contract. I have always encouraged everyone to speak up. There is no shame in talking about God. The shame is when we avoid talking about God. We do not need the courage to spread the word; we need wisdom. Imagine planting a seed. From that seed will grow a plant or a tree that may have tens of seeds ready to be planted. That is the work of God. If reading this article you can find a seed of the truth, please take it and embrace it. Later we will be able to spread thousand of them. That is the only way of changing the world for the better not fighting or starting wars. That way we turn the word but only transform it into a hell. Heaven is always the result of peaceful actions. Let’s plant the right seeds and live the Heaven!