What If Our Souls Are Our Gifts?

We have so many questions about our souls that it had become a vast area of research and experience. Do we have a soul? If yes, what is it? How can we explain it? We have our own questions, and lately, more and more people are in sync. Scientists are trying to figure out the energy of a soul and how does interact with others’ souls.
We have been told by many that animals do not have souls and many times we believed it. However, the reality is contradicting us. We see so many times amazing relationship being born between humans and animals that we cannot differentiate it anymore.
Basically, every single energy that put the matter in motions could be considered soul’s energy. That applies to everyone and everything, including animals, trees or Earth.
Anyway, how do we define and explain what our `souls are? Every one of us may have a different perception and interpretation, and that is great. The more explanations, the better ideas, and understanding can be achieved. I would say the soul is the real and unlimited self. Souls do not have limitations because souls do not belong to this reality. When Jesus said “You are from below; I am from above; You are of this world; I am not of this world,” was not he referring to his soul? He was trying to teach us that we are the soul and as long we attach to the material world we cannot ascend.
I would go further, and I would say that our souls are our own gifts wrapped into a human body. When we die, that is the time when we unwrap our presents, and we discover that beautiful gift of God. What we do with our gifts after this life is up to us, but how we preserve and take care of our souls is happening right here on Earth. We can damage or enhance them, and that is what will drive us to get further actions in one direction or another. We have the chance to evolve or move backward. Let’s take care of our souls, which are the real us, while our souls are creating this amazing experience that we have right here right now.