Competition vs. Completion

We live in a time when we like to compete because we have been thought that way for as long as we remember this life. “You must be number one”  we hear so many times. Lately, our leaders and the so-called elite are using that methodology to divide us. We started a horrific competition of genders, races, and ages and the worst is that once again we have agreed to it. We are not just part of it, but we have started advocating and fight for one side or another. Women are better than men; white people are better than black people, young people are better than old people and so on. Someone creates those divisions, and we fall for them.
We must realize that everything is artificially created to keep us in the state of malign reality. We forget everything that God gave us to start with and play this stupid game that brings out nothing good at all. All that we do out of completion is creating a massive amount of negative energy and bad Karma that we have to correct sooner or later. How did we get here? How did we get into a situation that put us against each other? It is an elaborate plan that we have not just to ignore but to understand before ignoring it. The easiest way of control is not unity but division, not love but fear and that is what we play all along. Out of it is coming only anger and frustration. We say we want equality but we are equal to start with, and the way we look at things is completely wrong. We want men and women to do the same work and be fifty-fifty divide in any kind of job. We want young and old to compete and if the old people cannot do what we do than remove them. We have been thought wrong. We must change or better-said reverse that process.

God created all of the duality that we can understand and learn from it and competition does not have a place into this plan. Genders, races, ages are only part of life here on earth so that we can complete each other. Children are looking at there mothers for love and sensibility and at their father for love and protection. Women and men are meant to complete and not compete. We must stop this madness and return to our core values or simply said the common sense. Would it be easy to do so wouldn’t it?