The Hypocrisy of Thanksgiving

To start with I would like to say that I do not want to offend anyone. Many of us are looking to Thanksgiving to meet and enjoy family and friends and have a good time, and that is great. However, this holiday is a day when we suppose to be thankful and let the world know what we are grateful for. Is the day when many of us are helping the poor and donate which is terrific. But after all, do we have to wait the whole year for a day declared by some government to help and be thankful? And how the most of us are doing it? We kill millions of turkeys just because of, and then most of the meat is wasted. Why can we be thankful every day and grateful to God for everything in our life? Or to help anyone when we have a chance? Thanksgiving should be maybe a reminder of what we are meant to do and not another occasion to eat and drink as much as we can.

Another aspect would be the origin of Thanksgiving. I want to invite anyone to reflect upon it. Recently I have watched a fascinating and sad video about the Thanksgiving from the perspective of American Indians and believe me it is not pretty. Once again I do not want to spoil the Thanksgiving, I just want to get a deeper understanding of events and life in general. We, humans, can create thousands of holidays, but it is up to us to celebrate life and love every day. A holiday is as sacred as we wanted to be, nothing more nothing less. In our hearts, if we look there, we know that holidays should be days of remembering, joy and reflection and not a dull day when we drink, eat and pretend we are good human beings.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

See below a summary of my article through the voice of the Native Indians.