Learning from the Trees

Nature, Earth or Universe are the best teachers if we really look into their wisdom. For now, let’s limit our discussion to the trees because they are just like us humans. Sometimes they fight over the light, sometimes they fight over water, but most of the time they live in great harmony and peace. We can learn from them so much only by observing them, and it is so easy that is rather hard not to learn from their wisdom.

When trees are becoming older their roots are growing so big and intertwine that is becoming very hard for even the strongest wing to put them down. On the other hand, we see all these trees than we have planted in our communities being destroyed when the wind is blowing only because they are alone. Isn’t that the same with us humans? Being alone we become fragile, and we may go crazy. We need a community and someone to talk to and share ideas. Sometimes we need someone else supports to go through basic life challenges. Unity is an excellent lesson that once we learn, it will be impossible for our enemies to divide and conquer us.

The balance of the opposite (Yin and Yang)
The trees are half in the ground half outside. Those are two contrasting figures: the dark and the light. Still, the trees need the land to be able to stand and become stronger once the roots go deeper and deeper and also extract water and minerals needed to grow. On the other side, the light is keeping the tree alive helping photosynthesis to take place. Trees use both sides to coexist and become healthier and stronger. Again, we humans can do the same. Everyone came into this world of duality, and when we comprehend its meaning, we become stronger and enlightened.

The trees do not change their course when the wind is blowing. The branches beautifully move back and forth and after all the trees stand still ascending its branches to the light. That way of life is an amazing lesson that we must learn. We must stop believing one or another and changing our perceptions. We must stand strong for what we believe in, and not in what others are telling us.

The lessons may continue and converge to infinite when we move to different scales from Earth to the Universe itself. We only have to be quiet, watch and listen. All the lessons that God laid down to us will be quickly learned.

“Learn from the trees to master the wind.”
Ica (Fulfillment: A Journey Through A Spiritual life)