Hypnosis and Past Lives

There is only one condition to accept hypnosis benefit: to believe in it. However, that is not needed if you just want to go for a hypnosis session. I have had clients who did not think that is true but they were curious. Many of them went deep into trance much faster than expected. Some of them started to look into it with an open mind while others said it is only their imagination. The bottom line is that hypnosis can bring amazing benefits, from spiritual experience to health and getting rid of habits. The more we go into it, the more we understand that everything is related. Currently, I am taking an NLP (Neuro Linguistics Program) course, and I must say it is a great complement, a must study to complement hypnosis. We must understand the subconscious mind to understand ourselves. When we do so a gate to infinite possibilities will open. And, please we must stop thinking about money or material world. That is becoming so not relevant that we do not even want to be part of it any longer. However, that is a different discussion altogether.
As a conclusion, the best way to understand the benefit of hypnosis is to schedule a session with a hypnotist. Since I practice and see the amazing results with QHHT, I would strongly recommend one of those Past Life Regression sessions.
We have to understand why we have the will to remember past lives. Many of us are looking to it as a curiosity, but it is a lot more than that. We must remember first the past life that has the most impact on the current one and that the subconscious mind knows which one will be. Under hypnosis, we do not think of anything because the subconscious or Higher Self or any other names we want to give, will guide us through. The past life that we will remember is strictly correlated to the current one in the sense that we have to fix previous issues and learn the lesson without exceptions that is the case. Let’s put it this way. We have created or interfering with different types of energy, and the effect was affecting many others. We need to fix it; We need to generate a reaction same as we heard in physics that will balance that specific action. The only difference is that energy is not mechanical but at a spiritual level. However, it is still energy that creates waves. Knowing what we have to fix is the primary role to remember a past life. Intuitively we already know, but many of us learn not to listen to intuition but only logical thoughts created by the conscious mind. However, as a small enclosure, I do not agree to call the superficial mind the conscious one. I would say the other way around.
Talking about practices, you should follow a Past Life Regression Hypnosis Technique as QHHT. It will bring not only past life to remember, but it will revive the soul, the consciousness that has been caged for so long.
I hope that my article will clarify a bit the idea of past lives and it would be helpful to my readers.