What is Christmas? If we ask any of the kids on the block, they will say it is a time when they receive gifts. Little by little on purpose or not Christmas has been hijacked by the people who do not have anything to do with the love of God. We have replaced Jesus by a fat old guy called Santa Claus who came in the middle of the night bringing gifts. People who want more money and control transformed Christmas the day of celebrating Christ and become one with the Christ consciousness, into a charade meant to make us buy more and more stupid stuff that is not just not used for anything but it helps destroying Earth. And for what? For the greed of some that have no limits. For all of us who still have at least a little side of decency left, please spread the joy of Christmas and the Christ and stop the madness. We have become slaves of the unwanted desires; we became modern slaves.

I apologize for writing this article late, but I have been in a place with no Internet nor phone, which was not bad after all.

I wish everyone a Happy Awakened New Year.

Love and Peace