The Experience

Everyone came at some point in his life when he or she started asking questions. We want to know our purpose, how are we different from one another, what are we supposed to do here? There are so many existential questions that we may become at least nostalgic when we cannot find the right answer. However, is there a right answer? There is no such thing. The answer is whatever we have come up, and if it is fulfilling our needs, we are satisfied. Now, let’s focus on how are we different from one another. If you start looking logically into our lives, we come to realize that we are not really different. We come here on Earth from some other existence, we live our lives, and we go back to where we have come from. We can consider it The Source, Heaven or any word that fits our desire for knowledge. After all, that is making us unique is our experiences. We can choose different paths, and with that, we experience our lives in infinite ways. That is the amazing feature of this existence, and through that experience, we get to know and express feelings, and through them we discover emotions. The emotion, the little wave of energy, is the most powerful vibration that can affect our body and mind at any level, and that is part of the experience after all.

Everything that we do and think is resulting in an amazing experience. The problem that we may have at this point is that we may have pleasant or less enjoyable experiences. How do we deal with them? How do we cope when someone we love leaves us? Again, we may be feeling sorrow or anxiety, but at any moment in life, if we try to understand the experience, we can grow and move forward. Instead of being stuck we can, and we must choose to learn from any exposure and move to the next level. One may think that it is not possible, but that is the result of a closed heart and mind. We have created predefined rules and beliefs, and then we cannot be detached from them. It is not easy to do so but is far from impossible. We are built this way, and with knowledge and understanding we will figure it out after all. It is a choice and nothing more. It is our mind that can play tricks on us, but our brain does not suppose to subjugate but serve us. How do we make the mind to move from a master to a servant in the whole scheme? We have to train it like anything in life. We have tools, and we must use them: meditation, contemplation, yoga and many more. Once we train this little monkey, the mind, we become what we have always been: human beings.