Materialistic World

We must understand the system that we live in. Almost everything around us from the material point of view is a fake need created by those who want to enslave and take advantage of others. Only when we try to understand it, we can get rid of the illusory reality, and that is part of the awakening process. The best part is that when we start asking this question we are on the verge of breaking through and awake from the dream that has become a nightmare. Our needs are so basic in the physical world that if we look around 90% of the stuff we accumulate is useless. Every single commercial was tested and perfected for years to entertain the eye and create a fake “perfect” world. Everyone is rich, happy and funny in all those commercials and that makes us want to be like them, to have that pair of $600 pants or that fabulous purse that cost $3000, or that car and so on. Our mind is being played to the extent that we start to chase all of those without questioning and making sense. More than that, all the amnesiacs around us are confirming our thoughts, and we want even more. Our poor souls are crying out loud, but we refuse to listen.
What do we need to be happy? It is whatever our minds tell us. We must go back to the time when we have controlled the mind and not the other way around. Our basic needs to be happy is shelter and food; everything else will come naturally. If we want to see new places, we will, if we’re going to enjoy the life we will because we do not need the latest car model, the latest TV model or the latest anything — most of those we do not need at all. Let’s try to stop watching TV for a day or a week, and we will see we did not lose anything.
On the contrary, we have gained more time for ourselves and clarity of our thoughts. Media these days is clearly a channel that interferes with the Source and makes us zombies on our own planet. Well, we can continue for so long with logical and well knows ideas, but it is time to put them in practice, and everyone can start with her/himself. That is the trick that will fix the world.
We may think it is difficult, we have needs, families, obligations and we cannot get away from all of those, but what we can do is to be truthful to ourselves. We must continue this life but we must stop creating Karma. We all can be kind to our neighbors, we all can help, we all can stop being selfish, and that is something we can do. Many of us are believing in Jesus through religions, but we do not do what Jesus has done. We refuse to live a life of serving, and then we complain. And when I am talking about serving I am not talking about being enslaved and server the elite, but serving each other in our community however that may be. We forgot our true values, and it is time to remember. Every act of gratitude and compassion will be answered, but we do not have to be good and do good expecting to get in Heaven, we will get there because we were with God during our life on Earth. The idea of being with God is that we will do what God is expecting us to do out of love and not out of being compensated. When we love we do not expect anything in return, and that is what must be done.
When we come by ourselves to such a conclusion, we will be detached by the materialistic world, and all that was before will be remembered as a stupid dream. Time to wake up my fellow souls, time to wake up.
More of those ideas could be found in my book “Fulfillment” which I wanted to be an awakening call for all of us who feel that we are living in a dream or a fake reality.

Fulfillment: A Journey Through A Spiritual Life