The Privilege

We have been given the privilege to come here into this existence. It is an amazing favor that we have accepted, or maybe we have won over. No matter what we have to understand what is this favor about. First, this world was created for every one of us to share and when we are talking about the word we look into every aspect of it; the Earth, the life or our temporary host that we call our bodies. We came here all excited, and we were so happy to experience that we forgot that we are here on a lease; a short contract from the Source that is helping us to grow. So, what do we do?
We take over everything. We have created a false sense of ownership, and we become egotistic, selfish beings. “This is my land or my house, or ultimately this is my body” we used to say. In the name of what is ours, we have started the changing the process from pure selfless consciousness to mind controlling three-dimensional existence. Some of us take control of the Earth’s resources and make everyone to pay for them, either is food that used to grow freely and fed us all or water that is so abundant on this planet. And we do not want to stop there. We take ownership over the bodies that have been granted to us as a gift. “This is my body, and I do anything I want to it,” we like to believe. Poor souls who are us, are suffering seeing what the mind has been doing to us. The latest gig is that some of the women are starting saying now that is their right to do anything they want with their bodies, including the life that grows inside. We have been blinded by the elite’s agenda trying to reduce the population, and we have started manifesting our “right” of ending a life of an unborn baby. And again our minds create statements after statements that justify our barbarism. “There is no life until the baby is born,” is the new approach of doing those evil things.
God gave us the pure consciousness that tells us that is evil to take a life. Still, we promote laws after laws and come out with ingenious explanations forgetting that the rules that we are creating will never give us any right over life, over Earth or other beings.
We have acquired the privilege from God to be here, but that privilege could be revoked at any time since we forget to respect life in any of its forms.
I do not want to get into any debate, but again, we do not have the right to end any life regardless of the being that we are about to kill. We must look inside of ourselves and ask God what our role in this existence is? We already know what we do not suppose to do. Why are we still doing it? We do work against the Creator because we have forgotten Him. It is time to remember if we want to advance. We have no right here to destroy, kill, enslave and so on. The only given right is to love. When our privilege is removed, we will have no saying since we know very well what we have done.