Ask A Question!

Dear Readers

I have opened a new feature that I hope will bring forward new ideas and answers for you as myself as well. I have added a module of questions and answers and I will be keeping adding to it. Feel free to answer or ask questions that may bring more spiritual awareness to our beautiful souls. The beauty of it is that anyone can get involved and bring unique experiences and benefit from such knowledge. Please leave a feedback and I will always try to improve on it.

We have no choice but to awake from this dream that is about to become a nightmare, so there is no question related to spirituality and awakening that can be considered dumb. Every request that we make is guiding us to a better understanding and awareness.

I hope I will see everyone interested to be part of this cooperation that may bring light and love.

Please look up into questions/answers section. I will try to add myself as many topics as possible.