My First Encounter

During the explosion of the INTERNET, we hear more and more about alien encounters or UFOs. It is true, a massive amount of videos and articles are fake, and the people who published them are doing a huge favor to the governments, or maybe they are even paid by the governments. However that should not discourage anyone to have an open mind because let us face it, we live in a too vast universe that is hard to believe that we are all alone. Leaving aside all the dissertations, I would like to describe my first UFO encounter. There were many sights I have seen before, but all of them could be interpreted in one way or another, especially during night time.
Well, this time was different since it was a beautiful sunny morning with a blue sky crystal clear. I was driving from Geneva airport toward the mountains, and the view was breathtaking. Suddenly, I saw a big black ball moving fast over the mountains, but moving quickly, because it moved from one side of the windshield to another in a second and then disappeared like it was not there. As I said it was a clear sky, so the UFO was seen. Initially, I thought that I was tired after my seven hours flight (even I slept the whole time in the plane), but then I heard my daughter from the back of the car. “Have you seen that!” I was excited to realize it was a real UFO and even my daughter described it even more for me. She was on the back seat, and since the view was beautiful, she wanted to take a picture of the mountains. When she looked on the phone, she realized that was a brownish spot on the sky, so she removed the phone to look at it with her eyes making sure is not a phone bug. From that spot that formed in the sky, emerged the black ball like coming out of a portal and then moved as I said, extremely fast and disappeared in an instance same as the portal.
Later I check the map and the distance to the mountains making simple geometrical calculations. The distance that the UFO moved in about one to two seconds was about 400-500 km. There is no vehicle that we know of running that fast. Imagine a plane moving at one million kilometers (approx. seven hundred thousands miles) per hour. Of course, I have wished that my daughter would have taken a picture, but that does not matter. We saw a UFO, and that was my first encounter. One more mystery, but this is the beauty of life isn’t it?