The Lie

Have we have ask ourselves the question, why do we lie?

What is the mechanism that makes us believe lying is the way? There is only one reason, the ego. We lie to satisfy the ego or to cover for a mistake committed due to our egocentric actions. One may ask if we remove the ego we would not be lying any longer? The answer is a categoric “Yes.” So, we want to speak the truth; we must get rid of the ego. We can do it, but it is not easy. First, we must understand that we cannot fight the ego, because the ego survives on our anger, fear and ultimate the mental fight. I have said it many times; we must learn to accept and let go, lessons that could be practiced through meditation. Once we master those lessons, we can exercise that technique in real life. Imagine for instance we are put into the situation of competing with each other. We are made to believe that is the only way in our society, but that is not the plan. If both sides let go of the ego, then the competition has no meaning. What happens when we compete? We use any means to win. I used to hear the expression “The goal overcome the means.” We start cheating or lying setting the other party up to lose. We do anything to win, to get promoted or to make sure others do not succeed. That is the way of the ego, and when we realize we are wrong or indeed evil, we try to find excuses to keep our conscience intact. And then we start lying again, to ourselves this time.
However, that is not all. We keep lying telling others that our neighbors, colleagues or even friends are wrong, wicked dishonest and so one. Once that lie is believed is moving into others just like a virus, and as a matter, the lie is a virus, a mental virus. It can move and mutate from one another.
But, one thing is amazing about letting the ego go. No more needs for lying and deceives. The pure soul is surfacing once more just at the moment of incarnation on Earth. We become innocent and worthy. So, next time when we want to lie, let’s analyze and think it through, and maybe we skip that one and starve the ego a bit, it would not hurt I guess.