How to enjoy spirituality?

We all live in a world of religions. We are born with one or another, and we start our life impregnating ourselves with beliefs that later we believe so strongly that we reject anyone and anything that is not in concordance with our ideas, rules, and opinions.
What we do is a terrible way to restrict and imprison our poor soul. Our consciousness is infinite, and it is a sin to restrain it to a few limiting beliefs that are not even ours. When we open our minds and especially our hearts to new possibilities, we meet suddenly the awakening that brings us closer to a spiritual world.
The word of truth is the basic that anyone could start life with. We know it when we look deeper into our inner-self, we know it, when we watch a baby being born or when we see the tears of a person leaving this world. We know there is so much more than this reality, but we choose to say no to the spiritual awakening.
It is time to reconsider. Why is the time now? Well, the time is anytime. It is now because now is what matters. If we did not do it, still the right time is to come because time is not essential. Time is just an impediment in our mind that makes us believe in one reality too blindly.
With an open mind and an open heart, we have so much to discover and choose from. Even more than choosing we could find the peace and happiness that we came with here on Earth and remember the realm of spirituality. So many beautiful places are waiting for us to return that we could realize that we can live the life that we have signed for, the vacation and the adventure of spiritual evolution. The incredible part of the awakening is the remembrance of the love of God, and that is what is who we are. Once we get back on track is no way we go back to sleep. It is time to embrace and enjoy the experience of a spiritual awakening.