Atheists Are Strong Believers

I firmly believe that debates between atheists and spiritual or religious people are entirely unjustified. How many times have we seen one atheist converting or one believer losing faith because of those debates? All those contradictions are nothing more but a way to feed the ego. I am going to tell you a story or a joke, whatever you want to consider, that I heard from my brother.
There were four friends, one priest and three atheists talking about sins. The priest would not hesitate to tell them that we must ask for forgiveness for our sins and believe that God will listen. The atheists would not want to hear, and they said: “Where is your God? We have never seen anything that made us believe in his existence.” Then the priest started praying, asking God to give them a sign. Immediately the sky started gathering clouds so fast that in a few seconds it was almost dark. The priest asked his friends: “Do you believe it now?” The atheists laughed at him and said: “What is to believe? The rain is coming; that is all.” The priest did not give up and prayed even more for another sign, a stronger one. Next second a massive light stroke a tree next to them, setting it on fire. Again the priest asked: “How about now?” And again his atheist friends told him that it happens all the time. It was raining; the atmosphere was electrically charged, and that is all, merely a coincidence. The priest could not believe it; it was a clear sign. This time he prayed to God to give a sign that his friends could not deny. The next moment a bright light broke through the clouds and God appear in the form of a human face, huge from the sky and said with a strong but kind voice: “Believe the priest and repent your sins. I am here to forgive anyone who asks.” As fast as He appeared, God disappeared, but He took away all the clouds living behind a beautiful sunny sky. “Now you believe me?” said the priest. The atheists were amazed for a second, but then one of them replied: “We are still three of us to two of you.”
What is that making atheists? The stronger believers of all. Some of them negate so much the existence of God that makes their belief a religion as well. They will try anything to prove that God does not exist and more than that to convince and ridicule others. Is not that the fanatic religious people do?
In my opinion, all of us should accept each other’s beliefs. That would be a significant step in recognizing that we are human and we all have the same origins.