The Light Within

Teachings from another life.

I have decided to go with my three friends looking for a new adventure and why not, for a path to enlightenment. Where else to go but to Tibet. We were very decided to achieve this new goal, and we felt like nothing could stop us, not even the weather that we have to encounter there. We backpacked, and we had everything that we needed: tents, blankets, food, water. We followed a trail that supposedly would bring us to one of the places that we could be decoupled from the world and enjoy the feeling and the presence of an Omni-Spiritual connection. We were happily climbing until we realize the weather is telling us to stop. A sudden blizzard made us stop and settle our camp. Our tent was more like a house, excellent and pretty big. We were delighted that with all the snow, our cozy place was a little piece of Heaven. We didn’t feel like sleeping, even was evening, so we decided to stay late and share stories. We did not have much time to do so, because we heard a noise outside like someone was walking. We looked, and we were surprised to see nothing else but a monk, standing in front of us with a lantern that strangely was emitting intense light. He told us he wanted shelter, so we happily made room for one more in our tent. We had tons of questions for the monk, but we couldn’t ask many since we heard something frightening, some sound that we could not forget: wolves. Looking outside did not help. We were surrounded. That could be it? All the will to follow the path, but we will be ending in the belly of the wolves? Even worse, the monk’s lamp dimmed little by little until was gone. We were terrified, when the monk, without a word, took his lantern and exited the tent. We did not even dare to look, thinking that the poor monk will be the first to “entertain” the wolves. Surprisingly the wolves went quiet. We jumped outside, and we could not believe it. The monk was standing still, and the lamp was more bright than ever. There were no wolves of any kind. Again, like we were already used to by now, the monk without a word left, walking directly through the blizzard. We were mesmerized, and the only thing we could do was to look at the light until disappeared. The next day we had to convince each other we did not dream the same dream, but we were happy anyway with the outcome. We packed and walked again. The day was great this time, cold but sunny. After a whole day, we finally saw the monastery. We were so happy. That would be the place where we will spend the next three weeks, meditating and listening to the teacher of the house. You cannot imagine our faces when the same monk we saw last night was standing peacefully waiting for us. This time he did not have his lamp, but he was himself luminous just like the lamp the other night. That was the light within. Our training started right there when he said: “The light lives with anyone, and it has no limits. Spread this love to the wolves or the lambs without making a difference.”