A Lifetime Short Story

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.

Carl Jung

It is a matter of time to come across a very existential question. What do we do with our lives? With the new era of excessive information, we are caught literally unprepared. We came here on Earth with simple but meaningful goals, and faster than we can imagine, we change perspectives. We get too much information, and not just too much but unreliable one. We have been hijacked, but some who took control, and our vacation here on this beautiful planet moved into a life in exile. We learn to worship money, and hard work contributing to others’ benefits; we move from oneness to singularity and become one isolated cell that struggles to finds its body. And that drives us into craziness without realizing it. We start an exhausting search for happiness, contentment, and joy. Our beliefs are being implanted and malformed so severely that we became the sleepwalkers.
What do we search after all? Many of us try to return to the source, to God’s values that we still carry with us and could never be lost, but after all, we search for one single thing: for ourselves. We have the ability to remember who we really are, and when we get to remind ourselves of the truth, we awake. And the awakening is the most beautiful realization in life; it is like we are born again, pure and innocent. When our search is over, and awakening takes place, we find everything that we believed we have lost: happiness, compassion, passion, and all the abilities that we have been provided with by our Father. In one sentence, we found God through us, because our connection to the source can never be broken, but only forgotten.