A Spiritual Book

Hello everyone,

I am sure that you are familiar with my book, “Fulfillment: A Journey Through A Spiritual Life.” Authors know that it is challenging to advertise a book, and some people are filled with the opposite of love, which could be anything: fear, anger, hate. One of the comments when I have tried to advertise on a trendy website, was that I was writing a book for money, and nobody needs another spiritual book: the bible is enough. That gentleman took his anger to post a comment on my ad. Could not he just ignore me? It is hard to understand such people. I do not force anyone to read my book. Still, people are upset with their lives. Honestly, such people should read as many as possible spiritual books to find their way. That is my real goal for my book. Also, what is difficult for me to understand is why people get upset that authors write books and expect some compensation in return? Do not we spend hours and hours to write that book as well as a lot of money for editing, design or publishing? Is not that work as well? Is not that we are trying to share ideas to awake people? It is amusing that some believe that they could be compensated for selling cars, or printing magazines, or working in a bank, but people who literally try to share the word of God should be living naked in a monastery. They practically say that we should not have the right to live a good life if we are with God. This mentality is spreading quickly throughout humans, because it is pushed by people who forgot their way or believe that is only one way pursuing God, and that is happening, unfortunately, when we become too rooted in one religion. All of this reminds me of a passage that I already have it in my book: “I do not intend to make the writing subjective or try to push my opinions on you the reader, so please do not get offended. I do not want to provoke anyone; I am trying to bring the truth back to the surface. I do not expect everyone to like this book; not everyone loved Jesus either. I am the messenger, and the message is not always well-received, but at least we would like to be received with love and not madness.”

God Bless