What Do We Need?

That is a simple question that drives us crazy so many times. What is the worst is that we are made to believe that our needs are anything and everything. We are bombarded with advertisements that convince us we need more cars, clothing, TVs, computers, phones, and the list keeps going. And yes, we believe it. We have started a fight with ourselves, forgetting that God gave us everything that we need in a natural form. After all, most of us are looking for shelter and food. That is the basic need. I am not saying that we have to limit our potential, but I am trying to explain that ninety percent of things that we are urged to buy are useless.
The only major thing that we need is the connection with God. When all of us will connect and stay connected, the whole of society will change, and Earth’s resources will be back in a natural cycle of usage/regeneration. Useless toys, clothes, cars, or electronics will stop being tools of enslavement. Technology overall is a fantastic instrument if we use it wisely.
One may ask, what is the mechanism that influences us to buy more? Well, we are only kids in this game. Imagine a toddler that saw for the first time a toy that sparkles. He or she desperately wants it. Once he gets it, he realizes that it is only a trick. But what if he does not realize that? First, the sparkle is white, then blue, then red and so on. Toy after toy become an addiction. That is the same with us, the adults. We have been deceived and the trick still working on us. How many Apple-Phone versions will be sold for a considerable amount of money until we get out of that schema? How many of us say enough is enough? We have to remember one basic thing. The ego and our minds are easily manipulated, but what those in power cannot take away is our soul and its interconnection with God. The trick works on us because we are put in a comma, not because the connection is broken. It is time to wake up and remember who we are. And then we could make a clear difference between need, wish, want.
One last thing I must clarify here. We cannot be changed or awaken if we refuse to. Jesus’ salvation was not him; it was always us. He only showed us the path; we must be willing to walk on it. That walk is what we need.
I strongly recommend an old French movie called “La Belle Verte (1996).”