Meditation: A Way of Life

Many of us practice meditation or only heard of it, but few try to understand its full meaning. Living in the city, we strive for relaxation and peace. To get that state of mind, we may join meditation because that is what is being advertised for. However, those characteristics are only benefic side effects. The purpose of meditation is way different from relaxing the body or releasing stress. In my humble opinion, the primary purpose of meditation is to connect with God, or better said, to acknowledge God connecting to the Source. Sooner or later, anyone practicing meditation will come to the same conclusion. Why is not advertised as such? It may be because people live in a technological world and we do not want to scare them away, or simply because people who consider themselves teachers did not get to that point.

Meditation is a way of life, as well. Its teaching is simple but so profound that our lives could become what they are indented to be: happy adventures and meaningful experiences. One may ask, what is the secret of mediation? Let us start from the beginning. In meditation, we follow two simple approaches: accept and let go. When a taught enters our mind during meditation, instead of being upset and start arguing with ourselves, we accept that thought and let go of it. Well, that is what I said before, something that we can use successfully in our lives. Anything that happens and we cannot change we can accept. If we do not accept whatever situation we are in, we keep going and going in our minds forever, pilling up stress and anxiety. The next step is straightforward: we let go. We do not need to forget, but let go of anything that could be our source of unhappiness. Is not that approach simple enough? There is only one impediment: us, our ego, and our mind. We must remember and practice this teaching and then is when we realize our true purpose in life. Do not forget: accept and let go, a beautiful way of life.