4 comments on “War and Peace”
  1. Again my Friend you express such Wisdom.

    In harmony with my Guru Parmahansa Yogananda

    “There will be Peace On Earth when each Heart has Peace”.

    In Harmony with Jesus Chirst

    “That you many be the Children of GOD: God shines down on the Good and Evil and rains down on the Just and Unjust.

    Be as perfect as the Creation. Not just living your own.

  2. that Dwells within any Atom, Human, Flesh and Stone. Matter is Energy Einstein and Quantum Physics. Knowing is fine, Being is eternal. We are the light in matter and energy.

  3. Quantum physics has proven their is no separation from the Original Source of Energy that Dwells … above. add above.

    Seem to have a issue with posting: What did not publish is Our unique Light and Energy have touched in this moment in time and space in our own unique Journey back to whence we came.

    No one ascends to heaven but he who came down from heaven, even the Son of Man. The Journey of each (the unique Light, Sound and Vibration found within the Atom’s sub-atomic activity is in total the Cosmic Light, Sound and Vibration of the Universe. By what ever man title we give to Creation/Creator the existence of the Universe. “Love One Another”.

    1. thespiritualone says:

      Thank you for such beautiful comments. I am very grateful as usually. God Bless!

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