Positive Beings

That is a debate going on for a while about humans. Are we positive or negative beings? As I have said many times, I do not like debates, and I do not want to engage in any of them, but I really want to speak out my mind and express my opinion, or my belief we may say.
Many of us came up with the idea that we are and always will be negative. We are selfish; we always fight with each other, and love does not exist, some may say. Strangely, someone close to me told me that there is no love. Our children do not love us, but they just feel comfortable around us. That is what we called the lost sheep, the one who forgot God. However, that is a negative perception that normally will bring more arguments toward negativity. Where are those feelings coming from, and how do they penetrate our beings? Such a state is always the results of an egotistic mind. I used to say that the ego is the creation of the mind, where the spirit is the creation of our soul. Once the ego takes control, we most likely move toward the negative, but our soul will never allow it unless we chose through the free will the darkness. Again, our actions cannot change the fact that we all come in the beginning here on Earth pure and innocent.
Do we remember the first time we have seen blood, for example, during an accident that may happen to us or others? Immediately we realized that we do not suppose to do so, to hurt or kill any being. Later our mind can overcome the initial state, and we have started killing animals, and after that, each other. That does not mean we like it. Most of us are terrified only for having such thought. As children, we love unconditionally, and I know it, just by remembering my childhood or looking into my daughter’s eyes. Everything that we call common sense it is nothing else but the goodness telling us we are right and we do not suppose to hurt anyone or anything. The destruction it is not something that most of us enjoys.
Please, remember the feeling of being a child and try to recreate it. Then will be when we realize we are God’s creation and that is goodness in us by design.
Recently I have studied the NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and I was fascinated by it. I have come to realize that the mind is a fantastic tool that supposed to serve us not to control us.
One of the mind experiments that was described was when someone would tell us not to think of a pink elephant. What do we do? We think of a pink elephant because the mind does not take into consideration the negation. Our creative mind can do miracles through positivity. We can cure our bodies or bring happiness into our life through positive thinking because at the root we have started from the love of God. We can be deceived, we can be brain-washed, but the goodness of our soul cannot be touched, so let us remember who we are.