The White Color

I have talked in previous articles about the frequency that each color represents and how some people are more attached to one color or another. We may have called in our childhood “My Favorite Color.”
How about white? Does it have any significance? Well, let us look at the world around us. When we get old, what is the color of our hair? Of course, it is white. How about customs? Why is the bride dressed in white?
Or why are Chinese use white clothes and white flowers when someone passes over? More, if we are looking around in nature, clouds are white, or if we look at the bottom of the ocean, corals become white when they die. It cannot be just a coincidence.
The white is the meaning of transition from one state to another as well as purity and innocence. We can see it is an achieved step from cleverness to wisdom, from the physical world to the spiritual realm or from a woman to a mother.
If we move to physics, everyone may remember the experiment of rainbow colors on a disc that rotates with high speed. The color that we could see is white, as being the base color, the color of light if you want. Once again, we return to the Bible, and the well-known expression, “Let there be light.” The white light is the symbol of the beginning as well. All these representations of the white color are pretty amazing, but we, humans decided to change their meaning. We have embedded the knowledge, but we also have a unique talent for interpreting in different ways. We came out with the white race is better than others, for instance, and from all the beauty and love we move to hate and ignorance.
We must remember and return to the basic knowledge and obliterate every thought that we have created out of fear.
Let us come back to the light, love, and ultimately, God.