Who is mister Ego? The etymology of “ego” is having Latin origins. “Ego” means “I” in Latin and is being used when we are inflicting our thoughts with self-importance and an inflated sense of self-esteem.
If we want to use a parabola, I would say E.G.O is an acronym for “Evil gets over,” because when we promote our egos, we do nothing but dissociate ourselves from God and convert ourselves into singular entities who do not care about other cells in the body of the universe. Once doing so, we continue to ignore our true selves and keep growing our importance and make us believe that we deserve more and better than anyone else.

“Ego is the first step in forgetting God.”
For instance, if someone is upset with us and start calling us names, our Ego kicks in. How do the others dare to say something like that? We may begin yelling back, saying: “You don’t know who I am. You cannot talk to me like that.” The thing is that we should not care what others believe about us. The idea is that it is only our mind interpreting any word and feeding the ego. Then, it is evident that to get rid of the ego, we must starve it.
Let us do a little exercise next time when we are about to start an argument. Let us stop and quietly back out. Immediately a feeling a peacefulness invades our being, and we feel terrific. We are a step closer to God. More, if we look at the person that fight and shout, with compassion, we come to realize that we should not be upset but feel sorry for that person, because he or she is part of us as well, we are all of God. And finally, we could confirm the spiritual awakening. That awakening and the let go of the ego are interconnected.
Now, it would be difficult for others who do not want to let go. Ego needs negative energy to feed upon, and if we do not give it, ego may get angrier, again in case we do not let go.
Now, on the other side, for some who follow the spirituality and try to let go of the ego, is not that easy also, because most of the time they we not be understood.
Recently, someone reading my book “Fulfillment: A Journey Through A Spiritual Life,” came back to me saying that he marked one of the sentences: ” This book is one of His (God) many books; it is an excellent translation of the divine into words.”
He was telling me that that is not right because I consider myself better than others and say to the audience I am somehow special, talking to God.
The thing is again, as long that is not my intention, the reader chooses the way to read the book with ego in the background. Ego tells its own story. “How come this guy talks to God? Who the hell he thinks he is?” Well, I am like anyone else, and I say that in my book. We are not different, we are all messengers, but some of us choose to forget.
I only choose to remember and be in service of God, nothing else, I am not better nor worse.