The first step in achieving anything is to believe is possible. A few days back, I was talking to one of my nephews, and I have asked him if he can use his mind to correct the ceiling. We were in one the very old room in the countryside, and the ceiling was more like a fat belly that a flat surface. The first immediate answer was that “it is impossible.” How many times we do that through mimicking? We have been told so many times what we can and what we cannot do, that we are just taking it without any thinking or trying. The programming worked, and we have become little tools in the mechanism of society. We must understand that is nothing impossible as long as we do not agree to it. I would go further and say that we live in an illusion because the programming of the matrix we live in can be overridden.
When that is happening, we talk about miracles or paranormal instead of thinking at that as normality. Some time back, I was watching a lady being into a room in an ice hotel in Canada. She was comfortable, only because she was appropriately dressed with a sweater and a jacket. Then a hypnotist brought her in a trance and convinced her that the temperature in the room was scorching. Without hesitation, she removed her coat and her sweater, wearing only a shirt. More than that, her temperature raised and her skin became red as she was sitting under a burning sun. How was that possible? The temperature in the room was still low. That is one of the so many examples that show us that we live an illusion. Same is happening when people walk on fire or lay down on nails or when some of us get curred when doctors say it is impossible. That was what Jesus always wanted to tell us, but due to the negative programming influence, we have refused to believe. Was not Jesus telling us, “What I can do you can do and even more?” That was the elementary teaching of the reality that we can alter through our thoughts and belief.
Impossibility is nothing but the programming of limiting our potential. And yes, some of us take advantage of it leaving the rest in the dark. It is valid for people on top of the hierarchy or us as parents as well. How many times we told our kids, “you cannot do it, stop trying.” Well, we must stop that and return to our senses, if not for ourselves at least for our children. Unlearning this behavior will bring us something that we already have, but we keep forgetting: the faith and the confidence that we are of God and nothing is impossible.