What is intuition? Many of us do believe that intuition is merely a coincidence. Statistically speaking, the mathematicians say, some events can coincide with what we expect.
Is that so?
Once I have a soccer game that ended with penalty kicks. One of the goalies managed to save four out of five, as the speaker said he guessed where to jump for the ball.
Well, coming back to the mathematicians, statistically speaking, how many chances would those be to guess four out of five?
That is not guessing nor coincidence; it is intuition, and the best part is that all of us possess such a feature. God gave it to us when we have chosen the Earthly adventure.
We have ways of communication with God that are there to be used and never could be broken. Prayers, it is one of them. We are asking God for help, and then the Universe aligns with us.
Meditation is when we stop any interference and listen to the Source. Well, intuition is the result of the first two. We have been empowered; a proof that God listens at all times.
Which part of us is responsible with the intuition? How do we receive the message? I would not answer, but I would say, “Listen to your heart.”
I have read once about a fascinating experiment. A human subject was asked to look to a computer that shows a succession of images. Some of them were pleasant, showing the beach, the ocean or trees, while others show dangerous things, like snakes, spiders or anything that could be life-threatening.
Then the subject has connected both ways to a machine, one to the brain the other to the heart, showing electrical impulses generated by those organs.
All the time when danger occurred the brain gave a spike in the electric signal, but the same thing happened with the heart, with one difference. The brain spikes out when the image came to the screen, while the heart reacts even before the image shows. As strange as it sounds, the heart knew about the danger before the brain even responded.
That is the power of intuition, and I hope now you understand the phrase I have said before: “Listen to your heart.”
Of course, during the era of physicality that we live in, everyone knows that the heart is the organ responsible with blood circulation. That knowledge is widely propagated because scientists refuse consistently to choose nonphysical or metaphysical theories to interpret the results.
However, when we practice more and more meditation and stop our thoughts from interfering, we came to realize that we maintain a robust unbreakable connection with the Source. Intuition is nothing but the result of letting go of the surface mind, the ego, and accept God in our lives.