Subliminal Messages

More and more, we see advertisements promoting sexuality. It does not matter that the ads promote perfume or cell phones; we see almost all the time naked persons from both sexes. Why is that one may ask? The simple answer could be that sexuality attract the eye of the buyer. Even if that is so, we may ask ourselves why sexuality became the main interest of people around the world. After all, all those promotions through ads, movies, or shows have a single role: to deepen our physical perception forgetting what is really important, the spiritual.
Recently, in New York City, some other ads became a real warning. It is extremely strange to me that others do not seem to be bothered. On the front of every bus, we have a huge banner saying, “Evil.” I do not intend to get into a conspiracy theory, but it is looking that someone is planning to induce that word and its meaning into our subconscious. It may seem like a coincidence that a show with that name was created, and then they have a tremendous amount of money to promote it, but nevertheless, the result is what I have seen. It is New York City become the Sin City? Or some individuals with power have an agenda? It is hard to say, but from what I have seen, something is disturbing and degrading here. I hope with all my heart that I am wrong, but the signs and signals are not good at all.

One day this Summer, I was walking in the park with my daughter. I was not shocked because I have learned to accept or ignore, but somehow alerted by the parade of the homosexuals and lesbians in Central Park. Men were almost naked, women topless, and they wanted to show off. Again, I was with my daughter, who is only twelve, and I have to assist in a cheap show that we have to say is normal. Now I am asking a regular citizen. Is that normal? Or the normality has been inverted? Out of fear, no one will dare to criticize, but what fear are we talking about; fear of society, government, or individuals? The love of God creates us, and if we are afraid, then we have forgotten him. We have the right to express our opinions and not just the right but the obligation. If we consider ourselves good human beings, but we choose to be quiet, then we promote evil as well. We are not to judge anyone by race, sexual orientation, or any other traces and behaviors, but to be forced to stay silent is the start of the fall. I have been there. I have lived in a communist country. Do we have to repeat that mistake? Well, it is time to use our own judgment and common sense. All the wrong intended messages that come from people who forgot God must be put on the side. We have to stay on our path and step into the light if we want to evolve. Be aware that fear is being used on all channels. Do not let it in. Love and be loved; that is my message.