My Own Religion

Recently I have received a not very positive review of my book, and I liked it. As I am trying to remove my ego, I do not get offended, and I try to learn something from anyone. This gentleman stated that I took information from many religions and put them in my book. He said, “I had created my own religion, and that is not right. I should have been focused on one religion only.” That was basically the essence of the review.
Well, he is bringing a good point that I was trying everyone to understand. I do not promote any religion but spirituality. I used to say, “Every religion is holding a finger from God’s hand and pretend it knows everything.” I believe that my point is evident when we look at it with an open heart and an open mind. Religions got corrupted, and politic rules are now being played. We humans do not need that kind of ideology. Jesus did not create a religion, and I do not intend to build one either. I am only receiving the words of God and try nicely and with simple understanding to convey the message. I did not want to create my own religion, but merely learn from human wisdom and eventually pass knowledge to whoever wants to listen. That is my only intent. Why did we create a religion for every enlighten man walking on this Earth? Their intention was also to teach and awake others, but we have decided otherwise, and we are not consistent. I have been blamed that I want to create my own religion and not to stick to one. Jesus or Buddha have been accepted for bringing differences in their times, and everyone has the right to do the same. We may not be realizing that when we get attached to one religion, we are just the same as the Pharisees. They could not accept something that was not within their standards. I am not trying to criticize anyone but to make them see my point. We should listen to our enlightened brothers and would not be a sin if we get wisdom from all. That way, we can follow and achieve amazing thresholds on our spiritual path.